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Gietrzwałd, Poland by wyrzykus)



Dillon Marsh - Assimilation. In the vast barren landscapes of the southern Kalahari, Sociable Weaver Birds assume ownership of the telephone poles that cut across their habitat.Their burgeoning nests are at once inertly statuesque and teeming with life. The twigs and grass collected to build these nests combine to give strangely recognisable personalities to the otherwise inanimate poles.

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Abstract Cityscapes

London-based designer and art director Yoni Alter developed this colorful series of posters entitled Shapes of Cities. Each unique creation features a particular city’s key buildings and landmarks, clustered together and depicted in an accurate comparative scale. To develop the rainbow palette, Alter combined simple vector shapes with basic color theory. The artist overlapped the transparent layers to successfully achieve a colorful and vibrant display—a series of posters that will add a great deal of style to any wall.

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Abbey of St. Vaast, France (by Vaxjo)

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a21 House by a21 Studio

The elements that make this office a conducive working oasis away from the city.


Kiev, Ukraine (by Inna Petrova)


The Guinigi Tower, Lucca, Italy (by Digitaler Lumpensammler)